Universal Cup Holder (J3000)

Universal Cup Holder (J3000)

The Challenger Cup Holder lets you enjoy your drink on the go!

This universal, unbreakable, easily removable drink holder fits most scooters and powerchairs. It comes standard insulated, keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.

The Challenger Cup Holder attaches horizontally with an 18" long Velcro strap around the seat's armrest. The Cup Holder has an overall height of 4.1" and a 3" circumference. Fits plastic bottles up to 17 oz.


  • Comes standard insulated
  • Unique design allows for a multitude of seat armrests
  • Attaches simply with the velcro strap
  • Durable, lightweight and unbreakable
  • Cup holder is made out of polyester
  • 3" circumference that fits bottles all the way to 17 oz.
  • Side cord can be pulled to secure your drink
  • Zipper for expansion of size
  • The LAST cup holder you may EVER NEED TO BUY!